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Sifted Software guarantees to lower your parcel costs.

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The largest Parcel Shippers get best in class pricing using Sifted Software.

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Make Data Your Secret Weapon
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Sifted simplfies parcel data so it's actionable. Spend less time analyzing and more time making a difference.


With Artificial Intelligence, Sifted Software predicts carrier price increases and gives you a competitive advantage by reducing your shipping costs.


With your experience and Sifted Software, you can decrease your costs like never before. Let the software do the heavy lifting and reduce cost on a continual basis.

Level The Playing Field With AI
The New Way To Negotiate

Smart RFP Platform

With our Intelligent Response Library, measure the net effect and find additional ways to maximize your carrier agreement
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Winning in the Age of "The Amazon Effect"

How do you deliver your products faster for less money? Exceed your client's expectations without breaking your budget.
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“Not only did we reduce our transit time by 51% by utilizing Sifted’s distribution center modeling, but using their software, we reduced our parcel contract spend by 21%.”

Our Customers Use Our Software For:

Securing best in class pricing

Sifted Customers save on average 21.4% off their parcel rates. Leverage the power of AI in reducing your spend today.


Predict problems before they happen. Sifted Software identifies issues hidden in your data and reveals them once and for all.

"What If"

How do fortune 100 companies maximize discounts and keep a strong relationship with their carrier rep?

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